Beer and Wine

Happy Hour

2-5pm Monday - Friday

$1.00 off All wines & Beers
Gyro Salad $6.99
Greek Salad $5.99
Gyro Sandwich $5.99
Cheeseburger + Fries $5.99

Wide Selection

We have a wide selection of beers and wines that pair beautifully with our food. When you come in, ask for a wine display of seasonal bottle selections.

Red Wine

  • Rode Cellars Pinot Noir
    Aromas of raspberry and cherry. Flavors of red berry fruit with hints of spice, balance by a silky finish
    $5.95/glass - 22.95/bottle
  • Red Guitar Sangria
    Sweet and fruity
    $3.95/glass - $14.95/bottle
  • Bistro Select Merlot
    Aromas of blueberry and vanilla. Flavors of ripe cherry with soft tannins and a smooth finish
    $4.95/glass - $19.95/bottle
  • TarTana Lane cabernet
    Dark berry fruit with hints of plum
    $3.95/glass - $14.95/bottle
  • Hawk's Dale Cabernet
    Ripe black current fruits framed with tannins. Full-bodied with a lingering finish of oak
    $6.95/glass - $28.95/bottle
  • Armeli Chiantit
    Intense fruit with a violet fragrance
    $4.95/glass - $19.95/bottle
  • Cascuda Peak Malbec
    Brimming with spices along with fruits and plums. Soft tannins on the palate leading to a long finish
    $4.95/glass - $19.95/bottle
  • Keyfraya Les Breteches
    Aromas of dark cherry with slight spice. Moderate density, and distinguished but of subtle fruit.
    $6.95/glass - $28.95/bottle
  • Fortesco Toscana
    An elegant "Supertuscan" blend with complex aromas of crushed berries, cherries, and hints of tobacco. Full-bodied, with round tannins and long finish
    $27.95/bottle only

White Wine

  • Covey Run Riesling
    Delicate aromas of white flower and honeysuckle
    $3.95/glass - 14.95/bottle
  • La Borgata Pinot Grigio
    Medium-bodied with a crisp finish
    $4.95/glass - $19.95/bottle
  • TarTana Lane Chardonnay
    Crisp, fresh, and light
    $3.95/glass - $14.95/bottle
  • Bistro Select Chardonnay
    Well-balanced with flavors of nectarine and barrel spice. Good acidity with a soft and silky finish
    $4.95/glass - $19.95/bottle

Draft Beers

  • Lucille IPA$3.95/glass - $12.95/pitcher
  • Snapshot Wheat$3.95/glass - $12.95/pitcher
  • Georgetown Porter$3.95/glass - $12.95/pitcher


  • Rainer$2.95
  • Coors$2.95
  • Budweiser$2.95
  • Bud Light$2.95
  • Snapshot Wheat$4.95
  • Fat Tire Amber Ale$3.95
  • Rouge Dead Guy Ale$4.95
  • Angry Orchard Hard Cider$4.95
  • Alhambra$4.95
  • Alhambra Negra$4.95
  • Sagres$4.95
  • Sagres Preta$4.95
  • Estrella Damm Lager$4.95
  • Super Bock$4.95